He Started It

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Sibling Rivalry just got taken to a whole new level! An intriguing read with a shocker of an ending!

Samantha Downing is the queen of surprise, she takes things where not many others do, making her books far from predictable.

Beth is heading off on a road trip with her siblings, Eddie and Portia. However, this is no ordinary road trip, nor is it the first time they’ve taken this exact road trip. As children their grandfather took them away for a while, visiting many states and many strange locations. He has now passed away and a condition of his will is for his grandchildren to re-take the very same journey that they all went on many years ago, in order to inherit his millions.

Joining them for the ride this time is Eddie’s partner Krista and Beth’s partner, Felix. Both bemused by the places they visit during the road trip, they go along with it, because just like the other three, their eyes are set firmly on the money that their partners stand to receive.

Secrets from the past are unearthed and strange things start to happen on this road trip to hell. Is someone trying to stop them from reaching the end goal? Read this book to find out who really started it?!

This book is a slow-burning, intriguing read, with a sucker punch of an ending! Samantha has cleverly crafted this story by dropping enough bits of information in to each chapter to keep you interested and to keep you turning those pages. The twists are totally unexpected, which I love, and each character has a dark side, making it hard for you to know whether you can actually trust any of them.

I had many scenarios in my head for which path this story would take and how it would end. I couldn’t have been more wrong!

A devilishly dark, totally original, twisty read.

I can’t finish my review without mentioning Samantha’s debut novel from last year. My Lovely Wife is one of the best books I’ve ever read. If you’ve not read it yet, then you must! You won’t be disappointed.

Links to purchase He Started It – https://www.amazon.co.uk/He-Started-psychological-thriller-bestselling-ebook/dp/B07Q8W47XJ


Book Blurb

No-one knows you better than your family.

They know the little things that make you smile.

They know your darkest secrets.

Sure, you haven’t always been best friends. But if it seemed as though someone was after you, that you might be in danger, then you’d be on each other’s side . . .


So gripping you won’t stop reading.

So twisty that you won’t know who to trust.

And so dark that you’ll realise something truly chilling:

No-one is more dangerous than the ones who know you best.

About the Author

Samantha Downing
was born in the Bay Area, and currently lives in New Orleans, where she is furiously typing away on her next psychological thriller. Her debut novel, My Lovely Wife, was a Richard and Judy Book Club pick and a Sunday Times bestseller, and has been published in twenty-three languages.

Once upon a winter

Photo Prompt ©️ Dale Rogerson

Outside, the streetlights stand tall, casting an artificial glow; the pavements lie hidden under a thick blanket of white.

A sob escapes me, as I think about what could’ve been. Rob and I curled up by the fire, watching Christmas movies, Baileys in hand. I loved him and I thought he loved me.

Sudden memories of last night enter my mind. Screaming, shouting, a broken glass. Then silence! The once silver knife, stained red. Rob’s body, motionless on the floor.

I compose myself, determined not to waste any more tears on that man.

If I can’t have him, nobody can!

I’m back!!! I feel like I’ve not written anything for so long! I absolutely love joining in with the Friday Fictioneers, so here’s my latest attempt. For those who don’t know, the idea is to write a story in no more than 100 words using the photo prompt provided. Thank you to Rochelle for running FF and thank you to Dale Rogerson for the photo prompt.

I’m so pleased to be having another go at doing what I love. This year has been challenging for us all and after spending October poorly with the dreaded virus, I felt like I’d lost my imagination a bit. Thankfully I think it has returned!

I’ve been looking at the photo prompt for a couple of days now, and it was on a walk this morning that my idea came to me. Sorry if anyone was hoping for a nice story with a happy ending 😂 I’m currently on a Crime & Thriller writers course, so I couldn’t possibly write a happy story!

As always I’d love any feedback. Good or constructive. I’m always grateful for any tips that could help me improve my writing.

The Sleepover

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A nail-biting and heart-stopping read with more twists than a turkey twizzler!

This book contains every mother’s worst nightmare! What an emotional rollercoaster ride it takes you on. I felt the fear and the heartbreak and didn’t want to put it down until I knew the outcome.

Izzy has always been very over-protective with her son and not without reason! Poor Nick has been the victim of bullies in the past and has never really had true friends. So, when his new best friend Adrian invites him for a sleepover Izzy is anxious and initially says no, not wanting to let Nick out of her sight for such a long period of time. At the last minute, she decides that maybe it will be good for him and she is thrilled he has made some nice new friends, so she lets him go.

After an unsettled night, Izzy can’t wait to collect Nick and hopes he’s had lots of fun, she heads over to collect him and it is upon arriving at Adrian’s house, that she discovers Nick is not there! Everyone claims he was there when they all went to sleep, and Adrian’s mum Beth swears that she would have heard him leave. Has Nick runaway or has someone taken him?

I guarantee you will race through this book to find out what happened! I suspected everyone and didn’t trust a single character. With twists aplenty, this story will certainly keep you on your toes! At times I felt frustrated with Izzy with certain things she does and says but overall my heart went out to her, as a mother I put myself in her shoes and they are shoes I really wouldn’t want to be in!

A pacey and tense read with plenty happening to hold your interest. At one point I was worried the ending would be predictable, but it wasn’t at all. I’m just not sure how I feel about my children going on sleepovers now!

Links to purchase – https://www.amazon.co.uk/Sleepover-Samantha-King/dp/034941470X


Book Blurb

Izzy is thrilled when her shy, 12-year-old son is invited for his first sleepover. Nick has spent years being isolated and picked on; he deserves a night of fun and friendship.

But Izzy is also nervous: it’s a year to the day since bullies put Nick in hospital. She drops him off at his new best friend’s house with mixed feelings. Arriving to collect him the following morning, her worst fears come true . . .

Nick isn’t there.

Who has taken her son?

And will she ever get him back?

About the author

Samantha King is a former editor and also a qualified psychotherapist. After her childhood in the south-west of England, teenage years spent in the north-east and student days somewhere in between, she finally settled in west London where she enjoyed a career publishing other people’s books, before going freelance and surrendering to a long-time urge to write her own. She lives with her husband and two young children, who inspired her to write THE CHOICE, her debut novel.

An English graduate and lifelong bookworm, Samantha is always fascinated to hear readers’ opinions. You can share yours with her at:

Facebook: @SamanthaKingBooks
Twitter: @SamKingBooks

Guest Post

Hello everyone. I’m delighted to have my first guest post on my blog today. So I’d like to give a big warm welcome to Neil McDonald, who is going to tell you below about what inspired him to write his new book The Tears of Boabdil.

Understanding the mind of a “spycop”

Guest post from Neil MacDonald

One of fiction’s jobs is to explore answers to questions we can never know by more scientific means. Most obviously, what does it feel like to be someone else? Through a novel, we can experience living inside another person’s head. We can also travel to distant galaxies, or back in time. 

Sometimes, too, fiction can pose questions the world refuses to answer. This was the trigger for my novel, The Tears of Boabdil. The black London teenager, Stephen Lawrence was murdered in 1993 by racist youths. In 2014, the revelation broke that one of those surrounding the grieving family was a police spy. The scandal of “spycops” sleeping with their targets first emerged in 2010  following the discovery that Mark Kennedy, masquerading as eco-activist ‘Mark Stone’ had sexual relationships with several women in environmental groups he was reporting on. But it was the surveillance of the Lawrence family led then Home Secretary, Theresa May, to set up the Under Cover Policing Inquiry(UCPI). The enquiry will hold its first hearings this November.

The “spycop” witnesses have been granted anonymity. Victims’ groups have withdrawn their support.  The enquiry will probably never tell us who did these things or why they did them. My book asks and explores the question “What kind of person would do this?”, and also examine what the consequences are for that person.

The protagonist, Vince is an undercover policeman – a “spycop”. He is tasked with penetrating a jihadi cell.  Vince is not a good man. He is weak and self-justifying, even self-deluded. Yet, because the story is told from his (unreliable) point of view, the reader has some sympathy for him. We know we shouldn’t. He even warns us in the first chapter that he’s a professional liar. Yet, still, we sort of like him. The book traces the magic and tragedy of a lie.

We first see him trying on his cover identity of Zami, a convert to Islam. Zami is strong and fearless. He has what Vince lacks. Vince doesn’t just assume the identity of Zami. Like an actor, he becomes Zami and is released from his own personal doubt and pain by the persona he takes on. 

The border between truth and lies isn’t clear to Vince. He believes the truth of a thing is the story we tell about it: almost everything we think we know, including ourselves is a narrative. And so, he tricks himself into believing that it’s okay to sleep with Ayesha, the sister of his principal targets. Not only must he hide the relationship from the brothers, he must also do so from his handler, the hated Tommy.

There is, of course, a cost to be paid. For Vince, that price is his grip on reality, his sanity. For Ayesha, his victim, it is much higher. As pressures grow on Vince, his stories start to unravel and merge. 

Early in the book, Vince begins to tell Ayesha stories of Don Vincent, a troubadour in 15th century Spain. Don Vincent meets and woos a Muslim washerwoman, Ayesha, in Granada, last redoubt in Europe of the Moorish civilisation under its caliph Boabdil. In the real world the noose tightens on Vince. In the story world, the Spanish Catholic monarchs, Ferdinand and Isabella, lay siege to Granada and threaten Boabdil, putting pressure on Don Vincent’s loyalties. Vince and Don Vincent begin to change places.

Mythological creatures from the Middle East’s Sumerian past begin to assail Vince as his sanity fractures. Boabdil is driven from Granada and into exile. At a hilltop, he turns and looks at the city he has lost, and sheds a tear. Hence the title of the novel. 

One reviewer wrote:

“MacDonald’s prose is haunting, sensual, and incisive at once. Like the tales of Scheherazade, his multiple fictive strands, contemporary and mythic, weave a story to be savored.”

The psychological cost may not have been as high to those real police agents who infiltrated the Stephen Lawrence’s family, who spied on trade unions and protest groups. But the inability to tell truth from fiction, right from wrong, must have been as high as they were for Vince.

More by Neil MacDonald on https://neilmacdonaldauthor.com/

The Tears of Boabdil is available as a paperback or an e-book direct from the publisher https://www.troubador.co.uk/bookshop/crime-and-thrillers/the-tears-of-boabdil/, from Amazon https://www.amazon.co.uk/Tears-Boabdil-Neil-MacDonald/dp/180046018X/ and from good bookshops everywhere.

The Wake

My Rating 🌟🌟🌟🌟

My Review

A compelling domestic suspense novel, full of secrets and lies!

Cleverley plotted; this story is told from five different perspectives. The Deceased – Richard Asquith, The Daughter – Skye, The Daughter-in-Law – Lexi, The Mistress – Eleanor and the Celebrant – James. As well as these characters there are a few more that you get to know along the way who are also a big part of this story.

Richard is the kind of man I despise, he is a very wealthy man, one who gets what he wants in life and not a man people say no to! Killed in a car accident, we find ourselves at Richards wake where family and friends have come to pay their respects, but most have come to say good riddance!

As the story progresses secrets and lies from the past are revealed and we learn that Richard is at the heart of them all. My opinions changed on a few of the characters along the way as I realised most had just been living under the thumb of the deceased, so they had been unable to be their true selves for a very long time.

The ending was surprising, and I really liked the way it all wrapped up. I felt like a fly on the wall whilst reading this book, looking down upon the wake, making my judgments on all these characters. I loved the short chapters, making this book a nice easy read. It works so well having all the different perspectives and helps keep the reader’s interest throughout.

Most of the book is set in Cornwall and Devon, which is where I’m from so this meant I was able to picture everything perfectly, right down to the restaurant on the Barbican in Plymouth!

A great read, perfect for fans of domestic noir!

Thank you to Vikki Patis and Bloodhound Books for my ARC in exchange for an open, honest review.

Link to purchase – https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B08LL4VXKK/ref=tmm_kin_title_0?ie=UTF8&qid=&sr=


I also loved Vikki’s last book called Girl Lost. Click here to read my review for this book… https://lifesabook420574585.wordpress.com/2020/05/16/girl-lost/

Book Blurb

Blood isn’t always thicker than water…

In the wake of Richard Asquith’s death, his family come together to say goodbye. 

The Daughter

Skye hasn’t seen her father in years. Can she ever forgive him for what he did?

The Daughter-in-Law

Lexi hopes her secrets have died with Richard. Can she keep the truth to herself forever?

The Mistress

Eleanor is heartbroken, but is her grief clouding her judgement?

The Celebrant

James has had enough of death. Can he give Richard the send-off he deserves? 

Everyone has something to hide but buried secrets always surface…

About the author

Vikki Patis is a bestselling psychological suspense author. Her third novel, Girl, Lost, was published by Bloodhound Books in May 2020 and became a top 100 bestseller on Amazon. It was later longlisted for the Not the Booker Prize 2020. The Diary and The Girl Across the Street were published by Bookouture in 2018 and 2019, and have sold over 30,000 copies. The Wake will be published in October 2020, which another to follow in 2021. She is also the author of Weltanschauung, a self-published short story collection, and her BSc dissertation, I Ink, Therefore I Am, was published by Lambert Publishing in 2016. When she isn’t writing, she can usually be found with her head in a book, baking gluten free cakes, or walking in the Hertfordshire countryside. She lives with her partner, two cats, and a wild golden retriever puppy. To find out more about Vikki’s books, follow @VikkiPatis on Twitter, vikkipatisauthor on Instagram, or visit her website, vikkipatisauthor.com.

Christmas at the Farmhouse

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My Review

A heart-warming and moving tale, the perfect cosy Christmas read.

There really are only great things to say about this story. I absolutely love Rebecca’s books; they are so easy to read, so well-plotted and they always give you all the feels!

This story is told from two perspectives and two timelines, Susan back in 1969 and Jo in 2019.

Susan is just 17 when she finds herself being sent away to a home for unmarried pregnant women, by her terribly strict father. We follow what happened before Susan went to the home, right up to when she leaves. She is a wonderful character and I found myself rooting for her all the way. As a mother, I put myself in her situation and my heart really did go out to her.

Jo and her husband Magnus are preparing for a big family Christmas at their cosy farmhouse on the beautiful island of Jersey. Their children and grandchildren are their world, and they can’t wait to have them all home to celebrate the festive season. With a few surprises here and there, it is certainly set to be an eventful Christmas. They really are a close-knit family full of genuine love and care, which helps make this book so heart-warming.

I cried happy and sad tears over this beautifully written story. I couldn’t put it down and I didn’t want it to end. I could quite happily carry on reading about the lives of these characters. I love the setting and the descriptive writing meant I could imagine everything perfectly in my head.

Christmas isn’t Christmas without a book by Rebecca Boxall, so light that fire and grab yourself a copy, you won’t be disappointed!

Thank you so much to Rebecca for my ARC of this book.

Link to pre-order/purchase:- https://www.amazon.co.uk/Christmas-Farmhouse-festive-author-Vicarage-ebook/dp/B08J7S6SZV

Book Description

As the anticipation of Christmas builds in the Nielsen family’s cosy farmhouse, Jo, Magnus and their grown-up children begin to congregate for a hybrid Danish-Jersey festive season, each with a surprise of their own – though the surprise that arrives over Christmas is the most life-changing of all.

Fifty years earlier, in 1969, Susan Jones finds herself being pursued by Mr Jenners, her former English teacher, and at the age of seventeen is packed off to a Home for Unmarried Mothers in London by her uncompromising father. As Christmas approaches, all she can do is desperately hope to be rescued, but will anyone be able to reach her in time?

The two timelines of this festive story gradually weave together in a tale that examines whether love and hope can eventually triumph over even the deepest sadness.

About the author

Rebecca Boxall was born in East Sussex in 1977 and grew up in a bustling vicarage always filled with family, friends and parishioners. She now lives by the sea in Jersey with her husband, three children and Rodney the cat. She read English at the University of Warwick before training as a lawyer and also studied Creative Writing with The Writer’s Bureau. She was nominated for the Romantic Novel Awards in 2020. Rebecca’s novels have become bestsellers, two of them reaching the No. 1 spot on the UK Kindle charts, proving popular with readers interested in seasonal novels that are feel-good but touch on some serious issues too. For more information please like Rebecca’s Facebook page – http://www.facebook.com/christmasatthevicarage or visit her website – http://www.rebeccaboxall.co.uk.


My Rating 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

My Review

An ingeniously plotted thriller, jam-packed with suspense and twists that you will not see coming!

Where do I start with telling you how fantastic this book was? This story has all the qualities of a gripping thriller and a scary horror combined. I think this is the first book ever that has made me scared to turn out the lights and had me saying ‘what the actual ****’ at the end of each chapter!

Ben is about to go on a much-needed holiday with his wife Laura and their daughter Milly. As they are heading to the airport, they find themselves having to follow a diversion due to a fallen tree. Concerned they’ll be late for their flight, they soon realise that this is the least of their worries when they come across a coach that is blocking their way. Curious as to why the coach isn’t moving, Ben decides to investigate. It is here that he finds several people gagged and tied to their seats! Laura and Milly join him to try and help the passengers, but then a phone starts to ring, and this is where the caller’s sick games begin!

I don’t want to say any more about the actual story as I don’t want to give anything away. I can’t get over how clever the plot is in this book, I’m in awe of how Stuart has managed to make this story work and connect the way it does! All I kept thinking whilst I was reading it was how great this book would be as a film.

Ben is the main character but everyone else seems to have their own story and you get to know them all well. Was I rooting for all of them? Maybe not, but I loved reading about them.

I would say this book is perfect for fans of any horror books and films and definitely not for the faint-hearted! With Halloween upon us, I highly recommend this one if you are looking for a Spooktacular read! It reminded me of films like Saw, so I would love to see this story on the big screen! This was my first book by Stuart James, and I am now so excited that I have his previous books still to read!

Thank you so much to the author Stuart James and Bloodhound Books for my ARC of this book.

Link to pre-order/purchase- https://www.amazon.co.uk/Stranded-gripping-psychological-thriller-twists-ebook/dp/B08L456DYP/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?dchild=1&qid=1603029734&refinements=p_27%3ASTUART+JAMES&s=books&sr=1-1


Book Description

What could be more innocent than going on a family holiday?

As a family drive along a quiet country lane on their way to the airport, they meet a stranger standing alone in the middle of the road.

Steering them along another path, he tells the driver, Ben, that a tree has fallen and there’s no way through.

But as they make their way along the diverted route, they come across a coach blocking the road.

Getting out of the car Ben goes to investigate and is horrified to find the passengers tied to their seats.

Then a discarded phone starts to ring…

If Ben calls the police, everyone on board will die.

About the author

Stuart James is also the bestselling author of Apartment 6 and the award-winning The House On Rectory Lane. Stranded is a gripping and twisty psychological thriller which fans of authors like Mark Edwards, Teresa Driscoll Rachel Abbott and are sure to love.

Link to Stuart’s website https://www.stuartjamesthrillers.com/

Sister Dear

My Rating 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

My Review

Secrets, lies, shocks, surprises and one hell of an ending! A very addictive read!

This book is really quite different to other thrillers, I just didn’t know what to expect the whole time I was reading it but I love the path it took and I was left completely gobsmacked by the end!

Eleanor is having a terrible time of it. Her father is dying of cancer and just before he passes away, she finds out that she is not his real daughter! Then to top it all off, she gets mugged on the way home from the hospice! Talk about bad luck or what?

Eleanor soon learns that her father had repeated a name to the nurse upon his death bed. Sure that this must be the name of her real father, Eleanor decides to look him up. If she was hoping to be welcomed with open arms, she was truly mistaken. Rejected by him and unloved by her real mother Eleanor feels a mixture of sadness and anger. Realising her real father has another daughter, only increases that anger, especially because her half-sister looks perfect, appears to have the perfect husband and lifestyle and was clearly born with a silver spoon in her mouth!

Not happy with the hand she’s been dealt in life, Eleanor finds a way of getting to know her sister and then things really do get interesting from here!

This book hooks you in straight away and the cleverly written plot keeps your interest throughout. My loyalties to certain characters were up and down along the way, but nothing prepared me for the deliciously dark and shocking twists. An enthralling read, I can’t wait to read more from this author.

Thank you to Hannah Mary McKinnon, Hodder & Stoughton and NetGalley for my ARC of this book.

Link to pre-order/purchase:- https://www.amazon.co.uk/Sister-Dear-crime-thriller-OBSESSED-ebook/dp/B085G3FG3G/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=sister+dear&qid=1602269793&sr=8-1


Book Description

Beauty. Wealth. Success.
She’s got it all.
And it all should’ve been mine.

When Eleanor Hardwicke’s beloved father dies, her world is further shattered by the discovery of a gut-wrenching secret: the man she’s grieving isn’t her biological dad.

With her personal life spiraling, a desperate Eleanor seeks out the family she never knew she had, finding an infuriatingly enviable half-sister.

Perfectly perfect Victoria has everything Eleanor could ever dream of. Loving childhood, luxury home, devoted husband. And this gets Eleanor thinking – aren’t good sisters supposed to share?

About the author

Hannah Mary was born in the UK, grew up in Switzerland and moved to Canada in 2010. After a successful career in recruitment, she quit the corporate world in favor of writing. She now lives in Oakville, Ontario, with her husband and three sons, and is delighted by her twenty-second commute. Connect with her on Facebook, on Twitter @HannahMMcKinnon, and on Instagram @HannahMaryMcKinnon. For more, visit her website at http://www.hannahmarymckinnon.com.

Confessions on the 7:45

My Rating 🌟🌟🌟🌟

My Review

A skilfully constructed, compelling and unique read!

Selena and Martha don’t know each other, but after being stuck on a delayed train and sharing a drink or two, they tell each other their biggest secrets! Selena’s husband is having an affair with the nanny and Martha is sleeping with her boss! Feeling uneasy about sharing such personal information with a complete stranger, Selena tries to reassure herself that it won’t matter as she is never likely to see Martha again.

So, when Selena receives a text from Martha asking if they can continue their conversation from the train, she is more than a little freaked out. How did Martha get her number? Maybe she’s just lonely and needs a friend or maybe there is more to this than meets the eye! Something that Martha said before they parted ways and not just what she said, but the way she said it has been playing on repeat in Selena’s mind and has left her feeling quite perturbed.

After confronting her husband about the affair, the nanny soon goes missing, a coincidence some might say, or maybe not?!

This book is as cleverly crafted as a spider-web, with its plethora of characters, whom most get a turn at narrating, it is a complex but brilliant read. The first half is like opening a puzzle, where all the pieces are scattered around but as you reach the second half you start to see the picture and by the end, it all fits together perfectly.

I’m in awe of how the author wrote from so many perspectives, some may find this confusing, but I enjoyed getting to know all the characters and found it a refreshing change from books I normally read. This is my first book by Lisa Unger and it most definitely won’t be my last.

A compulsive read, full of secrets, lies and some great twists.

Thank you to Lisa Unger, HQ & NetGalley for my ARC of this book.

Published this Tuesday the 6th October! Link to pre-order/purchase: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Confessions-absolutely-unforgettable-psychological-thriller-ebook/dp/B085M4F4J7/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=confessions+on+the+7+45&qid=1601724356&quartzVehicle=95-1838&replacementKeywords=confessions+on+the+7&sprefix=confessions+on+&sr=8-1


Book Description

Everyone has a secret. Who would you trust with yours?

On Selena Murphy’s train home from work, a mysterious woman named Martha strikes up a conversation and shares a confession: she’s having an affair with her boss. In turn, Selena shares her own secret: she suspects her husband is sleeping with the nanny.

At Selena’s station the two women part, and Selena never expects to see her again. Until she receives a message. I’d love to continue our conversation. Can we get together? It’s Martha, by the way. From the train.

But Selena never gave Martha her number. She brushes the message off – until days later her nanny goes missing, and Selena begins to wonder if it’s all connected. Who is Martha, really? And what does she want with Selena?

About the author

Lisa Unger is the NYT bestselling author of 18 novels. Her books are published in 26 languages, with millions of readers worldwide. In 2019, she received two Edgar Award nominations, an honor held by only a few writers including Agatha Christie. Her work has been voted “Best of the Year” or top picks by Today, People, GMA, EW, Amazon, IndieBound and many others. She has written for the NYT, WSJ, NPR, and Travel+Leisure. She lives in Florida with her family.

The Stolen Sisters

My Rating 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

My Review

A highly atmospheric book with heart-stopping suspense. A real page-turner!

When I pick up a book by one of my favourite authors, I must admit I have high expectations. Were those expectations met in this book? Yes! They absolutely were. Louise is such a talented writer; her descriptive writing helps to set the scene in your mind perfectly and her cliff-hanger chapters make the book impossible to put down!

Twenty years ago, sisters Carly, Leah and Marie were abducted by two men, who held them captive in a creepy, old, derelict building. The chapters in this book switch perfectly between ‘then’ at the time of the abduction, and ‘now’ when the girls are all older. So, we know early on that they must have got away, you’d think the story was over there, wouldn’t you? Don’t be fooled, it is far from over!

Scarred by what happened to them as children, the Sinclair sisters each have their struggles as adults and as the anniversary of their abduction looms, we watch them fall apart as secrets from the past are revealed.

Who took these girls and why? How did they get away and what has happened since? All these questions will be answered and more when you read this fantastic book.

Brilliantly plotted, The Stolen Sisters contains everything a psychological thriller should! The suspense in this book is palpable, leaving you deeply curious about what will happen next. Yet there is also an emotional side to this story, my heart went out to the girls at times and I found myself welling up towards the end.

The first half of the book is slightly slower-paced, as it is setting the scene in the past and the present, but hold on to your hats as you reach the second half, as you’re about to take a rollercoaster ride to the end!

Dark in parts, with twists aplenty that will leave you shocked to the core, this nail-biting book will have you hanging off the edge of your seat!

Huge thanks to Louise Jensen, HQ & NetGalley for my ARC of this book.

Publication date – 01/10/20. Link to pre-order/purchase :- https://www.amazon.co.uk/Stolen-Sisters-Louise-Jensen-ebook/dp/B07YBZC97V/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=the+stolen+sisters&qid=1600810329&sprefix=the+stol&sr=8-1


Book Description

Sisterhood binds them. Trauma defines them. Will secrets tear them apart?

Leah’s perfect marriage isn’t what it seems but the biggest lie of all is that she’s learned to live with what happened all those years ago. Marie drinks a bit too much to help her forget. And Carly has never forgiven herself for not keeping them safe.

Twenty years ago The Sinclair Sisters were taken. But what came after their return was far worse. Can a family ever recover, especially when not everyone is telling the truth…?

About the author

Louise Jensen is a global No.1 bestselling author of psychological thrillers. Louise has sold over a million copies of her books and her novels have been sold for translation in twenty-five countries, as well as being featured on the USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestsellers’ lists. Louise was nominated for the Goodreads Debut Author of 2016 Award and the Guardian’s Not the Booker 2018. The Gift has been optioned for TV and film.

When Louise isn’t writing thrillers, she turns her hand to penning love stories under the name Amelia Henley. Her debut as Amelia Henley, The Life We Almost Had, is out now.

Louise lives with her husband, children, madcap dog and a rather naughty cat in Northamptonshire. She loves to hear from readers and writers and can be found at http://www.louisejensen.co.uk, where she regularly blogs flash fiction and writing tips.

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